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Sunday, November 1, 2009

no provenance without metadata

ok. here goes. the last few months have been spent doing very cold work. watercolor is a very organic medium (despite being 100% inorganic!).

so the weather is warmer and i started to do "frost killing hour - xx" and ended up with "yields to spring - i"!!!

i know i am working "wide screen" alot. i know i am obsessed with either pure flat horizon or roads and rivers etc. but at the moment i am painting moods and not shapes. so. here is:

"yields to spring - i".


Nick said...

Very cool Joel, and I really dig these formats. This has been a great series to witness, and you deserve a lot of credit for sticking with it. I bounce around too much, wish i had the discipline.

Patty said...

Love this format too! Your weather is just warming up, while ours is cooling down!

joel said...

thanks Nick for leaving a comment! i am glad you like the format. it came about by chance because i had a smaller piece of paper that was in that shape and i was testing the idea. i liked it and kept the aspect ratio going.

as for the series, i only have a limited time budget for painting and i have a lot of "concrete" ideas i want to pursue. yet, these have yielded to the exploration of an idea that was so strong that it blotted everything alse out. you call it "discipline". i call it "single mindedness" = it is just what i wanted to do! i know that when i return to look at this series several years hence that the emotions and feelings will be totally recalled. maybe they will invoke similar emotions in someone else if decide to let them go...

Patty, it is really good to have you here looking and commenting too! believe me, i would rather have an autumn to paint. this year, however, i will embrace spring and summer more completely.