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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

frost killing hour - xix - aftermath

the first wash of this piece was so lovely. soft. violets made from FUB and permanent rose. and, of course, water.
it was almost "achingly" sweet. Ian would have called it "sweet" perhaps in a perjorative way. however, he would not have said this in a negative way. he would have meant "it is too sweet for ME to paint. but it is OK for you"

i had to struggle to touch it again. i thought about balancing the sweetness with something harsh. burnt. post bushfire. that is part of where this has led. showwing that a bushfire scene when made very cold, looks even more stark and somber.


Anonymous said...

I think I relate to this the most...probably because it reflects "the frost killing hour" of aloneness, loneliness, solemnity, and sadness...all in a glance.

joel said...

thank you anonymous. whoever you are. :)