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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

vineyard days

so i sit here contemplating. i have this painting. i thought it was ok. then i posted it on facebook and BAM - lots of response - from people who don't even know i am a painter or even follow my work in any way. so. i guess it strikes some sort of a chord somewhere. i decided to look at it again. why does a painting work? why does this painting work? that cannot be answered in a sentence. or even two.

some theories. broken color. breaking a color with its complement creates excitement. Nick does it naturally - but keeps saying he does not understand color theory. fine Nick. you understand it in your soul. look closely at the foliage of the tree. yeah - it is green - but look closely and you will see reds. and yellows getting down with violets in there also. composition. the purists will hate this composition. but it works despite breaking rules. why. no answer. the purists don't always get it right. the sky. this is a very australian sky. a very autumnal sky. this sort of sky intensifies the chroma of the foreground. whereas, a summer sky washes out the color.

those are my crackpot theories. enough.

Friday, March 20, 2009