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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

evoluzione tranquillità

here is an evolution. what i really want to develop is the glimpses into the forest. i want to make them beckon with magnetic mystery. i think i found the right combination of pigments and techniques to do this - but i have yet to achieve it completely. this piece shows some promise in that direction.

first look at the piece in its entirety.

then look at these two magical glimpses that appear in the LHS - these are what attract me and my eye and my senses.
see what i mean? those are deeply where i want to go. only time will tell...

more tranquil places...

i seem to be able to make two similar pieces if i do them at the same time. if i tried to come back to it and re-do it in the future - i would evolve it or change it. funny that. here i went heavy on the darks in order to pop the lights. similar shape and comp to the other PT pieces. the next blog post will show the evolution - i hope.