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Sunday, October 11, 2009

frost killing hour - are we there yet???

no. we are not there yet. are we? no. i think not. i watched a youtube video done by Arnold (Lowrey) last week. he makes a wonderful job of it. and he "pushed" the series "frost killing hour" in a different direction. normally, i would not show the "meta workings" of a painting - but this time i am. what the heck, eh? the really disastrous attempts and the sketches are kept hidden. but the pieces that i sign and annotate on the back (title, date and notes) i am numbering and publishing here in the blog. that is what a blog is for isn't it? so arnold was doing cool stuff with reflections, snow, water, castles and razor blades. and that lead me here:
this is "frost killing hour - xv". we will get to "xiv" later. i wanted no life at all in this. no evidence of life. the rocks in the foreground worried me - but they do repeat the cold of the sky. arnold had mentioned that a patch of "manganese" blue in the sky and a touch of warmth in the subjects was important. i also used "burnt umber" which is something arnold uses and i have avoided like the plague - forever. when mixed with colors it does wonders for cold winter skies. so i will keep using it.

i will post several other pieces in this series that i have done this weekend - during this week. i am not really happy with any of them. but i am happy enough with aspects of each of them.


-- joel.


Nick said...

I'm usually not a fan of the razor blade, having spent a long and stormy relationship with it i n the old Thelin days. But here you've used it very well, no objections from a former suitor!!

joel said...

i missed this comment in the "hub-bub"!

Thanks Nick. i wish i could have met this Thelin chappie - he sounds like a lot of fun!

I think i will use the blade more - i didn't know how versatile it could be!

-- Joel.