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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

under vines - i

i didn't like this much when i finished it a week or so ago. but looking at it again i notice that it has somewhat grown on me. it is stark. dry. hot. australian. it has a singing combo of violets and yellows. and i like the way the green hill supports that solitary tree against the sky.

this is not in my wet-in-wet style that i really like best. but. it has a nice naive quality.


wayne said...

HI Joel,
This is a great watercolour and highly innovative compositionally. The foreground 'zig-zags' contrasting with the rounded hill are quite eye-catching. It's challenging to 'read' this—such works seem to be on 'the edge between abstraction and realism' >> not easy! Methinks you should explore some more work in this direction. It's so different from your wet-in-wet work (as you say), but it's a winner! Great spontaneity and confident strokes. ..brilliant light in it too..
cheers Joel
and very best for 2010,

joel said...

Wayne! Hi and thanks for your thoughtful and interesting comments.

the rounded hill does work well against the diagonals and also there is that patch of unkempt bushland at the extreme front that also shows the difference between the "organized" chaos of agriculture and nature.

2010 has started with a bang - a very quiet bang. but we hope it will be a very good year...

we wish you the success and happiness in 2010 also!

-- joel.