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Friday, December 21, 2007

nicholas simmons

this painting "fresh sushi" was painted by the artist nicholas simmons. (i have reproduced this here without his permission). it won a major prize this year at the NWS. it is one of the most exciting pieces of art i have ever seen.
let me say this about nicholas. not only is he a brilliant artist - but he gives of himself to help and encourage other artists.
the fact that he likes my work literally blows me away! thanks nicholas!


Nick said...

Well this is even more of a surprise, thanks for the plug! I was lucky - it actully won top prize at the show, and will be traveling to 5 museums around the country in 2008. It has gotten me some good magazine coverage, and sure has stepped up the program, esp in the workshop dept.
And yes, your paintings are killer - an individual style that is often the oblique viewpoint we all (well, the good ones!) are striving for. And you have a particularly acute bent for the cool side of the palette that is like a breath of fresh air.
Hope to meet you down there one of these days!!!

Kirby said...

I was strolling through you blog and ran acrcoss this painting. I thought huh, that style looks recognizable and yep it is.