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Thursday, January 3, 2013

winterwood - i in the new studio

hi!  well we have spent the remainder of 2011 settling into our new (old) house in croydon, victoria, australia.  we had to move off the mountain as the large block of land was consuming too much of our time.  we decided we also needed to be closer to the city to make commuting simpler and shorter.  the "downsize" move was tricky and we have had two of the four bedroom filled with boxes!

that wouldn't normally be a problem, but one of those bedrooms was slated tobe my "new" studio!  finally, after many weeks of work and great determination from my darling wife the studio is ready and i finally got down to some work!

here is the studio ready to go!  i wanted to get straight in and start working on a backlog of ideas.  and i did.  the weather is a tad warm, so some of the floaty, wet-in-wet work i had planned will have to wait.

here is the first tangible result, "winterwood - i".

the studio is a really nice, light-filled space and it feels great!  thanks for everyone's patience!

  -- joel.

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Katie W said...

Your new studio looks beautiful, as do the gorgeous snowy woods you painted. Miss you on DF.