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Sunday, May 16, 2010

streeton roberts mccubbin awards exhibition 2010

the sherbrooke art society will be holding its 2010 awards exhibition from 22 may 2010 through 6 june 2010 at the gallery. 62 monbulk road, belgrave, victoria,

this is a great gallery to visit, not only because of the generally excellent quality of the artwork but also for the magnificent "rainforest" setting in the dandenong ranges. the trees are autumnal and full of color. the chestnut man is roasting fresh local chestnuts. there is a nip in the air as we head toward our winter. across the road from the gallery is a terrific tavern that sells guinness and other beers and ales on tap.

definitely a worthwhile outing. here is a "phone" snap of me getting ready to deliver my entries. the art society is fairly "traditional" in its approach. so, my entries are unlikely to win an award. but, i will be happy to put these pieces on show.


perugina said...

Your paintings look FANTASTICO! and up against the Bimmer you can see their size, i wasn't aware how large your paintings are & love the frames!
You should have these on show and as often as you can (!!) for they are beautiful.
I know only too well in my limited experience having belonged to a few art societies since jumping into this adventure, that they seem to favour traditional style works. We can only hope that with ‘generational change’ to quote one our society members whom i have great respect for, they will remove their blinkers and take in the alternate views on offer!
I think these are all deserving of an award!
The rainforest setting sounds divine, also autumnal colours and the smell of chestnuts roasting carried on the crisp chilly air.. I’ll pass on the beer but have a drop of red instead.. Hmmm.
Enjoy, auguri e un abbraccio

joel said...

thanks p. you are wonderful to me as always.

if i join this art group i will be able to always have 1-2 works in the gallery on show (and for sale) all the time. that will be good.

also, classes and demos and what not. seems like a good bunch. i will see if there are any old fogies there and avoid them if possible. or perhaps win them over with my effortless charm.

yes - April and May are beautiful here. the trees are BLAZING gold a t the moment.

i would share a red with yoou too. i am not big on beer myself...


Nancy Lee said...

Yeah, Joel - ditto to what Perugina said. I also didn't realize how large your paintings are and, from the distance in this photo I think they look wonderful!! How about showing them close up!!