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Monday, March 8, 2010

burns and braes...

hmmmm. tired from so much color etc...


perugina said...

Che bello! - how beautiful!
Joel you have uploaded so many wonderful paintings since my last visit here.. i apologise for my absence and lack of support.
Love the format of this latest capolavoro and no need to hmmmm.. tis meraviglioso!

Also congratulations for making
the initial cut for the Zhujiajiao watercolour show at Expo 2010 in Shanghai.. fantastico!!!

joel said...

sweet Perugina! i have missed you so! i wondered and wondered where you were. so glad you are back.

i had to look up "capolavaro" and i think you are exaggerating - a lot. but thank you for your faith and enthusiasm!

thanks for your wishes on Shanghai also. i have discovered that Alvaro Castagnet and Joseph Zbukvic had pieces entered in the show that have won prizes! i did not realize just how "big" a show this is. i feel humbled and pleased just to have a piece anywhere in the vicinity of these masters. i am sure i have gone as far as i will go on this attempt - but i will try and enter again in the future!


-- joel.

perugina said...

dearest Joel..
please have faith in yourself as i have faith in you.
dal cuore

joel said...

i have faith in me cara mio. but thank you ever so. i put the "hmmmmm" in the description, really, truly as i was very tired and could not think of anything creative to say!!!

perugina said...

hehehe... Joel.. (she says in her best italian accent)" eh.. believa me, dis isa worda ima usinga all a time late-ly - hmmmmm thena followed by shhhh.
She'lla be right!

Nancy Lee said...

I just love this last painting of yours, Joel...How do you get such a soft, misty effect that flows into the colors??

joel said...

Thanks Nancy! i think my soft misty effects might be a trade secret? perhaps i should write a book. i wonder if it would sell?

actually, i might need to put it on record so that i could figure it out myself. all i know is that it involves a lot of water...