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Sunday, February 7, 2010

turbulence (blue)

so cool. been watching some work by the master (Arnold Lowrey) and putting my own spin on it. this led to a powerful, spooky result. something only watercolor can do. barely in control. neat stuff.


David Burge said...

Great Joel, this one has a distinctly chinese feel to it.

joel said...

interesting comment Dake. thanks. it is quite abstract and simple - but it didn't really start out that way. it just ended up that way!!!

Nancy Lee said...

I love the contrast between the very abstract upper half and the somewhat abstract rocks....

Nick said...

Can't do better than watching Arnold... I think I have all his DVDs, they've gotten plenty of play here. This nonetheless has lots of your atmospheric mystical style, and the JS palette!

joel said...

Nsncy. Thanks. there is definitely a progression from abstract to concrete in this. that had to do moore with the order of execution and the areas of concentration than good planning. time has been short here. new job. selling our house and planning a new house build. so, i do not have the time i need to concentrate.

Nick. Thanks for commenting. i have two take aways from Arnold. no i have more... but the two main ones for me are the "razor blade" and the "sponge". i was just playing with those when i did this and got a pleasing result in the early running. i use a lot more pigment than Arnold - but i can feel how he does things. these will stay with me the same way your "edge treatments" and other important tips i have on your DVD.