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Saturday, September 5, 2009

frost killing hour - iv (evolution?)

not sure whether we are going forward or back. but thought i would post it anyway. :)


perugina said...

Definitely forwards Joel!!!
Questioning whether to post my recent works on the blog is something that i have been doing lately!
In your case Joel.. just upload, close your eyes and click publish!
Just beautiful!

joel said...

thanks my friend pg. it is not quite as simple as that. the excitement and risk of painting in this style creates an equal number of "mistakes". and i ain't showing those...


-- joel.

Nick said...

I agree, forward - fast forward!

Yolande said...

Your artwork is beautiful. I'm inspired by the question!!! That is all there is.

joel said...

Nick! thanks for taking the time to comment. i think i'll take that as aa "positive" and will move forward.

Yolande, wow it is so cool to see you here. thank you! i hope you keep visiting.