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Friday, February 6, 2009

Forrest Caves Approach (Impressions)

These were done after a day of observing the dune strewn abd grassy coast lands of Summer in Australia.



Hi Joel,
I love your use of wet in wet and the granulation really adds to the atmosphere and mood of your two pieces.
You have certainly captured the colours of Australia here – the colours I love!

joel said...

awwww! Thanks. i am so glad someone appreciates wet-in-wet and granulation as much as i do! the granulation is mainly down to AS Cerulean.

I think these are artist's pieces. i think joe public will go "huh???".


Hi Joel,
Of course i appreciate wet in wet and granulation - these are certainly the characteristics so evocative of this medium.
Yes, very artistic! As for ‘Joe public will go’... – please…I do not understand what you mean here.

joel said...

hee. bless your cotton socks. i was perhaps speaking too colloquially for prose my friend.

what i mean is that many (non-artist) people will look at these pieces and their reaction will be "so what"? or "gee, they look kinda abstract". or "what are these meant to be".

does that make sense?


Va bene Joel!
It is well/ok Joel.
Thank you.

Nick said...

Saw one of these on the forum, and loved it. Takes some deft touch and vision to make something this soft still retain enough form to work. Those blue flecks in the second one really turn my crank! (might want to resize the pics, they're too big for my monitor)

joel said...

thanks Nick. but honestly it is just me playing with one of my favorite subjects, using some of my favorite colors wet-in-wet.

there ain't almost nuthin' funner!

i have resized the pictures (using paintshop) several times. i suspect it is a paintshop trick that makes them so big...