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Sunday, June 29, 2008


So yeah. Here is my latest piece. As you can see (perhaps) i tried using some of the edge treatments taught by Nicholas Simmons. It is amazing how they make the lights "pop"! Wow. i am pleased with the result. this one is only 17x17 inches. i need to make it much larger. glad to be back painting. keep the faith.


Nick said...

thanks again for the plug, and I'll be lookin for your vid to steal ideas from. I'm waiting to see this one HUGE - get the roll of paper!!

joel said...

thanks for stopping by Nick! i am right at the business end of closing out a deal in my techno-nerd real job. this year has been really busy in THAT dimension. now get off the internet and get back painting!

i will probably treat myself to a roll of arches HP 300gsm (140lb) some time.

-- Joel.

Nick said...

hope so, it really opens up a new world of possibilities.

joel said...

i know - i know. my techno-nerd, engineer, solution architect job takes up so much of my time and energy. i just look forward to a break.

maybe - i should do a runner and just become an artist forever...